What I’ve Learned From Tom Brady That Has Transformed My Sales Career.

On Sunday, maybe you were like me as you watched Tom Brady help his team advance to the Super Bowl (His 10th appearance as a player). For the record, I’m a huge Aaron Rodgers fan and was cheering for the Packers to win on Sunday…but I also respect greatness. And Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T

Now, what I’ve learned from Tom Brady that has transformed my sales career is that all noteworthy achievements in life are a result of one thing:

Commitment to Excellence.

And no player in NFL history has been committed to excellence longer than Tom Brady.

“I always joked there was a reason I was the 199th pick,” Brady has said. “I was never really, in a way, the most talented physically. I just try to continue to find ways to improve.”

Now you might be thinking, “How does this apply to sales?”

Let me tell you a quick personal story to illustrate my point.

The day was March 31, 2020. It was my third month working as a new Account Executive at Clio and I had finished the month of March as the worst sales rep on the sales dashboard. I missed my quota for the second month in a row and was DEAD LAST on our team’s sales board inside Salesforce. I was so embarrassed and just wanted to hide under a rock. Professionally, it was one of the lowest points of my life. Thankfully, my buddy (who was also the #1 rep that month. Thanks Rob!) reached out to me and gave me some solid words of encouragement. After that chat with my co-worker, I promised myself I will never…ever…give less than 100% effort each month to my sales role.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I stumbled upon the key to doubling my income within 12 months and earning 6 figures a year in SaaS sales. At that moment on March 31, 2020, during my low point, I didn’t realize it at the time but I had made a commitment to excellence.

Fast forward 9 months later and I doubled my income in 2020 compared to 2019, I got promoted to Senior AE and I received a Clio Impact Award (kinda like the Oscars for Clio) recognizing outstanding individual contributions to the company.

During this career transformation, I received a lot of support from my sales manager, my colleagues, and prayers answered by God. But it all started when I made the decision to commit to excellence.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to commit to excellence, you can download my PDF guide, How Commitment To Excellence Will Transform Your Sales Career, Forever.



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Ian Agard

I am the co-founder of GRIND. We help law firms generate more revenue through digital marketing. https://www.grindsocial.ca/